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Our Story

About Project KC

Hey, I'm Brenden Surface, and I'm fortunate to be in a position to grow and coach Kansas City Lacrosse.  The mission of Project KC is threefold:

  1. Get better every day

  2. Provide an amazing experience

  3. Become better young men

We measure our success through the growth of each player and each team.  We are passionate about the process and love helping mold the next generation of leaders.  

We do that by preaching, instilling, and demonstrating a constant everyday pursuit to be the best version of ourselves.  Do you want to be a dad?  Be the best dad.  Do you have a test coming up?  Get an A.  Are you flipping burgers at McDonald's?  Be the best Burger flipper in America.

If we do these things, we believe the winning takes care of itself.

The ultimate vision for Project KC lacrosse is for Project KC to beat the best team's in the country.

Is it a lofty goal?  

Yep.  Which is why we're going to do it.

Also, here's a little bit about me:

IMG_0444 2.jpeg

Where Did I Start?

I'm born and raised in Kansas City, attended Visitation Middle School, and started playing lacrosse in 6th grade with the Brookside Badgers baby!

Rockhurst High School

I attended Rockhurst High School where I was a State Champion, All-American, All-State, All-Conference, led Missouri in goals and points with 73 goals and 105 points, and made some amazing memories along the way.

Here I am on senior night with my sweet, beautiful mother.


Coaching College

Here I am with 2 of my best friends.  We coached at Rockhurst University together for 6 years.  In that time, we went from being one of the worst division 2 teams to being ranked as high as 7th in the country according to the Nike DII Lacrosse Rankings

Coordinator Of The #1 Offense In The Country

At Rockhurst, we always pushed the limits.  How could we get better?  Where could we improve?  We worked as a team, we had talented players, and loved the game.  We we're never content, which led to the #1 offense in the country.

#1 Scoring Offense.png

Project KC Success 

We took what we learned at RockU, and taught it to the kids in our Team KC Program, which led to Team KC championships.

Let me tell you a quick story... Team KC 2026's started at 300th in the US Club Lacrosse Rankings.  Midway through the summer, we tied the 51st ranked team in the country.  It's one of our tenants... Get better every day.

Project KC's Future

Looking ahead to the future, we've partnered with Project Missouri to better give our kids a pathway to play in college.  We will rebrand as Project KC.  That rebrand will only enhance our ultimate vision of being the best lacrosse city in America.

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