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Want Your Son To Try The Fastest Growing Youth Sport In America (Lacrosse) Risk Free?

Because you are completely new to lacrosse, I'm sure you have questions!  And I, personally, would love to introduce myself, and walk you through, step-by-step, how you can best start and advance your lacrosse journey!  So fill out the form, and I'll call you ASAP!

Please note: to be fair, we will be contacting people on a first come, first serve basis.

Fill out the form below with your information, so we can contact you!



We're On a Mission To Make Kansas City One Of The Best Lacrosse Cities In America

To do that, we needed to create a better process of taking someone who didn't know about lacrosse or never played lacrosse, and introducing him to the sport, so he can experience why lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America...

  • Without you investing in the stick, helmet, and gloves (So you don't waste money buying the equipment, with the potential risk your son decides to not play)

  • While your son plays on a team full of his friends (So he's comfortable and confident to give his best)

  • In an environment where everyone is new to the game (so your son doesn't feel overwhelmed that other kids have a head start)

  • And with a money-back guarantee.

    • If by the end of the program, you feel the level of service wasn't equal to or superior to the investment you put in financially, I'll write you a refund check myself​.

    • Best case — your son finds a sport he loves.

    • Worst case — Your son ran around for free.

    • AKA — You have no risk.

We believe if we can execute those principles above, we can massively grow the game in Kansas City.

See What Other Kansas City Parents Said They Would Say To Parents Who Were On The Fence About Trying Lacrosse...

Fill out the form below with your information, so we can contact you!


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